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Cat Hats
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
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    Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada
    B2Y 3S8
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    Cat Hats creates warm, imaginative and utilitarian head wear that can be worn to make a statement about your personality! Each Cat Hat is made completely unique, and never duplicated. Made in both child and adult size, Cat Hats' popularity spans all generations!

    Cat Hat Communities are popping up coast to coast since their birth in 2009. Dipping down into the United States, as well as into Norway, England and Scotland too! You'll never know where you might run into another Cat Hat!

    Cat Hats have come to life not only out of my own imagination and need, but thanks to the participation of all future, past and current customers. We love putting together custom orders for you! Thanks to creative custom orders, there are so many options to which you can add to your custom hat to make it more suitable to your lifestyle.
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